Zion Moore is an up-and-coming artist and media personality


Born and raised in Decatur, GA, Zion Moore is an up-and-coming artist and media personality who is no stranger to hard work and dedication.

Inspired by the likes of James Brown, Michael Jackson, Usher, Justin Timberlake, and Chris Brown, Zion has developed a sound that can be labeled as urban-pop. His debut single, “Splash” is a fun, up-beat work that blends the sounds of his many influences together + in a fresh and modern way. To date, Zion has taken stage at numerous major label release parties (Tyrese, etc.), concerts and the acclaimed International Bronner Brothers Hair Show with the world left to blaze. 

Having spent a considerable amount of time amongst Atlanta’s urban elite, Zion has already begun making a name for himself within the community. In addition to music Zion hosts YouTube segment, Zion Da Fro Show, where he’s had the pleasure to interview notable talent such as Nick Cannon, rapper Super Duper Kyle, actress Claudia Jordan, actor Jackie Long, radio personality Traci Steele and author/actor Hill Harper. Zion is definitely on the move as he was selected by Essence Magazine as the next emerging artist to watch. Zion hit center stage in New Orleans for the July 2016 Essence Festival where he breathlessly left the audience craving more.

Self-described as possessing a love for the underdog Zion relentlessly works to hone his craft and strives to be recognized as a positive influence on teenagers today. Always aware of his calling, Zion says “we all have a purpose, you just have to find out what it is and operate in it."

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