Ruffus: From Negative to a Positive

Ruffus was born and raised in the South End section of Albany, NY. He spent his early years being raised by his maternal grandmother. By the time he turned eleven, he had relocated to Atlanta, Ga where he would join his mother and attend middle school.

Rufus is the middle child of three and at the time, considered himself average. Although not easy, he eventually made his way through middle school and entered the local high school. Unfortunately, for Rufus, he got caught up in all the wrong things and didn't take high school serious. His bad actions and behavior would lead to his dropping out of school. Rufus did however, work to get back on track by later attending Job Corp where he was successful in obtaining his G.E.D. Upon graduating Job Corp at age seventeen, Rufus moved back to Albany to again live with his grandparents. Once he moved back he started running the streets and hanging out with the worst possible crowd. He became known as a reputed gang member, an idol to some and a target to others. Like many rebellious teens, he would turn out to be too much for his grandparents to handle. He attempted to redirect his energy by using his earned G.E.D. to gain acceptance into the Community College. While in College, he was involved in an incident where he got shot. That incident would result in him developing a deeper appreciation for the streets, which made it almost impossible for him to focus on school. Months later, he would get arrested on a gun and robbery charge. Rufus was sentenced to four years in prison. While in prison he decided to utilize his time productively. He read over 500 books and made a self-commitment that once released he would never go back. This was the works of a young man who barely made it through middle school and dropped out of high school. Once released, he kept his promise to himself. He enrolled in Branford, an Albany Medical School and is set to graduate this year as a Registered Medical Assistant. These days, Rufus volunteers much of his time at Green Tech High School where he works with Head Basketball Coach, Hood. Rufus is a leading example of how with the right focus and determination anyone can turn their life around from what was once viewed as negative to something positively noteworthy. 

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