Spending taxpayer money wisely; Investing in employees; Investing back into their customer base, and being good citizens of this region by giving back to some of their neediest customers.

Under Parker’s leadership, a projected 33 million dollar budget deficit has become a nine million dollar surplus in under a year; after not having any type of incentive program or raise in the past six years, and only one in the past ten years, money has been budgeted so that all MARTA employees will receive some level of additional funding this year. Negotiations are in the finalization stage for labor union employees, but non union employees received a 3% bonus just in time for the holiday; two fare increases scheduled for 2013 and 2014 have been eliminated; one third of the bus routes were cut over the past four to five years and some of that subservice is being restored in the next year or so; half of the bathrooms were shut down and some of those have been reopened in several stations, train service was substantially cut but nighttime service is now doubled, and even more service will be added in 2014, all in Parker’s first year on the job!

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