Cassandra M. Tucker aka Sandy

From the southern foot hills of Samson, Alabama to across the miles to Cincinnati, Ohio, Cassandra has become known to many as Sandy B, Sweet P, and Tuck.

She is the humble music mastermind who founded Tuck Radio in 2016. Sandy, born one of 10 children, never imagined she would someday be operating her very own radio station. However, with such a rich heritage and roots in the grand old C. O. G. I. C. she was on the right path at an early age. Sandy recalls spending a lengthy amount of time in church. In fact, it was customary for all 10 of them to be there for hours on end. During that time she developed a love for music and a profound fondness for its richness. It was that wealth of experience and history, that gospel music became a lifelong passion for her. She was not only engaged in singing, but was given the assignment of serving as the church choir director. Once in college her love continued, such that she was discovered by her Coach as a great soloist. This discovery would place her at the helm in performing the National Anthem before each "home game". While in college, she had the opportunity to become a D.J. radio personality in the small town of Ozark, Alabama. Sandy did not have extensive training or much information about the future of radio at the time. However, she loved the experience, the knowledge of how lucrative and popular radio was and worked to refine her skills. The art of the business was unknown to her and as time moved on so did her career path. She gently moved away from something that was very dear and passionate to her, Music! Only to navigate back, as it became apparent how much she loved music when she found herself bobbing her head to anything that had a beat, no matter the genre. As she continued to follow her dreams in life, music remained a part of both her foundation and one of the things near and dear to her. Sandy continued to embrace her love affair with music. Later asking herself, “What else am I going to do with it and about it”? After revisiting her love, passion, and desire to rejuvenate her music life, it was then that the birthing of her own Radio Station emerged. That passion was also an extension of what her growing up years included and there was no way of getting around it. Sandy shares how she and her siblings would spend time together with their mother who instilled in them "to stand up and be accounted for". They would find themselves singing at every family function, birthdays, family reunions, or simply performing around the dinner table. What was once a dream for Sandy has grown into an astonishing realization. It’s said that people don’t often get the chance to realize their dream or do what makes them happy, but for Sandy B, Sweet P or Tuck if you will, there’s no turning back!


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