Kendall Ficklin: Coached and Committed


Some call him Coach—he can strategically pull off an unbelievable win. Others call him Unc—he speaks that barbershop truth you won’t hear from your daddy. He’s also affectionately called Pops—he openly shares his love for his family and makes you feel like you belong.

He is  

Kendall Ficklin. And Kendall Ficklin prefers that you don’t label him at all. He does not want to be limited.

 “I help extraordinary people achieve impossible results.” Kendall Ficklin

 Living limitless hasn’t always been his forte. On the outside, he looked like he had game like Kobe but he lacked the consistency of a game changer. The look of success was all over him; but the stats didn’t match the game. Kendall looked like he was winning, but he was losing slow.

 An undiagnosed alcoholic, he merely existed, uncommitted to real purpose, and imprisoned by limits he placed on himself. If you compared him to the masses, he looked average like everybody else; playing pick-up games with no real stand out season. Nevertheless, destiny saw past average. There were extraordinary people waiting to produce impossible results and Coach Kendall had the game plan to help them do it.

“Do something different than what you been doing.” Kendall Ficklin

Financially challenged, but rich with vision, Kendall had to do something different. He was making money, but he was still broke. As the ultimate entrepreneur, he could always come up with a hustle. Unfortunately, you can’t will a hustle to your family. The Ficklin legacy was asking for forever. Kendall looked fear in the face and was finally ready to take one for the team.

 “Most people want what it looks like, but they don’t want what it feels like.” Kendall Ficklin

 After conferring with his wife Karen, they agreed on a sacrificial investment—hire a life coach.   CJ Quinney, coach and marketing machine behind motivational guru Eric Thomas, became the activator that Kendall needed. CJ unlocked the championship potential that had been lying dormant in Kendall. Together, CJ and Kendall became the Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan of the coaching game. The longer Kendall was coached, the better his game ecame. The rest is not just history; it’s legacy!

 “You can come as you are, but you won’t stay as you are.” Kendall Ficklin

 The coaching experience changed Kendall and became foundational in the game of life. Coaching kept him connected, committed, and consistent. For the past 20 years, he has been devoted to empowering individuals through coaching, corporate training, professional development, and student empowerment. Kendall has gone from intriguing barber shop audiences with his uplifting candor to inspiring corporate heads and motivating NFL players.

 Kendall Ficklin believes there are four “C”crets to an individual’s success:  

  • Coached
  • Connected
  • Committed
  • Consistent

These four “C”crets inspired Coach K to start Grindation.  

 “It’s not a part time hustle; it’s my full time grind.” Kendall Ficklin

 Grindation is the foundation of the grind. The Grindation network is made up of individuals who are ready to take their business, career, and life to the next level. Originally created as a community to give his clients a “tweener” between personal coaching sessions, Grindation continues to level up. Programs are evolving, services are expanding, and people are growing.

 Just two years old, Grindation is changing the game of coaching and training. More specifically, Kendall explains, “we are just learning how to walk. This is not just a coaching company. I am building an empire, brick by brick. If you feel the ground shaking, it’s not an earthquake—it’s Grindation.”

 The grind is real and the movement is moving. On any given day, you can find Kendall quietly grinding in the airport terminal. This type of grind would normally keep a man away from his family. However, Grindation has brought balance to the Ficklin household. Kendall expresses the benefits of working with his wife. “My business is personal and my personal is business. It’s all one in the same. I don’t separate the two. I am my business and my business is me. I want everybody involved because it’s a part of my legacy.”

 “You’ll never have all the answers. When you don’t know what to do, keep doing what you’re supposed to do.” Kendall Ficklin

 Kendall Ficklin insists on living by his “C”crets to success. He continues to be coached by CJ and mentored by Eric Thomas. He remains connected, committed, and consistent. His personal experiences have not only prepared but qualified him to develop and inspire others to do the same. Kendall is committed to empowering extraordinary people to achieve impossible results. His consistency is game changing and yields life changing results.

 Thus far, the Ficklin legacy leaves four published books: Rise & Grind: Good Isn’t Good Enough, Ladies Rise & Grind: Empowering and Inspiring You to Amazing, The Students Guide 2 Greatness, and Your Work Has to Match Your Want: Your Guide To Great.

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