Corey Minor Smith Councilwoman at Large/ Continuously Motivated to Succeed


Corey Minor Smith

Continuously Motivated to Succeed

Every success story is normally preceded by a devastating tragedy or a horrific childhood that was narrowly escaped by an individual who refused to quit. Well, this is that success story; the story about the damsel in distress who was continuously motivated to succeed.


 As military families transition through tours of duty, the average military child will attend six to nine different schools in their career. This is three times more than the non-military student—except for Corey Lonjay Minor. Corey was never a military brat but she attended 14 different schools, lived in three different states, and resided in eight different households.

 The product of a young love gone wrong, Corey ended up at the worse end of the break up. Living with her mother was seemingly easy until it wasn’t. Diagnosed with manic depression/schizophrenia, Corey’s mother was delusional and getting progressively worse. One day she abruptly left Corey with friends in Texas and headed to Ohio. Devastated by this off the wall decision, Corey finished the semester of school and soon followed her mother to Ohio. The move required a transfer to her 14th school. Corey was shook but still motivated.

 As the story goes, this was the best place for Corey. She ended up with her God-fearing, paternal grandmother, Bluchelle. Though it was her eighth residence, she was finally in a stable environment. Canton, Ohio wasn’t Houston, TX or Vallejo, CA, but it was the Pro Football Hall of Fame city. Canton was the place where champions lived, after playing the best seasons of their lives. It was perfect and very suiting for a smart, beautiful, 15-year-old girl whose hopes and dreams were bigger than mental illness.

 The dysfunctional upbringing was traumatic for Corey, but it did not destroy her. It would have broken most; but it pushed Corey into purpose. With the love and support of her family and friends, Corey went on to graduate from high school, earned her Bachelor, Master, and Juris Doctorate degrees. During her matriculation, she had to care for her mother, became a mother, and then a wife. Challenging at times, rewarding at others, Attorney Corey Minor Smith was motivated to succeed.

 Strength, faith, persistence, and consistency are a few attributes that continue to keep Minor Smith motivated. Thirty years later, Corey continues to face the challenges of caring for her mentally ill mother. Quitting was always an option, but it was never the choice. There is too much work to be done.

 If you were a gambler, the odds would say to bet against her. However, the odds have never been right about Corey. Humbled by her past and driven by passion, Corey’s resume lists many rewarding experiences and accomplishments. A law practice, Assistant Prosecutor, General Counsel for Stark Metropolitan Housing Authority, School Board member, proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated—just to name a few. Among her recent accomplishments, Attorney Corey Minor Smith made history when elected as the first African American Canton City Council at Large member on November 7, 2017. A race that many said she wouldn’t win, Corey received the most votes out of six candidates.    

   Corey Minor Smith is Continuously Motivated to Succeed!  

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