The Power in the Paint


The psychology of wearing red lipstick is a historic phenomenon. Despite its risqué and tumultuous beginnings—a real lady loves her red lipstick.

The power of painting the lips red has transcended ancient civilization, social class, fashion trends, and has influenced the lives of both men and woman around the world for centuries. From the infamous “kiss of death” to Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth I’s love for red lipstick, painting your lips red is more than a hashtag. It has earned its place in history as a power move for change.

Atlanta business exec and life enthusiast, Dr. Karmetria Burton, is now a part of this powerful history. Hit by the magic in the midst of getting made up before a show—she chose RED. As her makeup artist proceeded to paint her lips red, she felt different. She explains this experience in great detail. “When I looked in the mirror I saw a ‘different’ me. The MAGIC happened! I felt sexy, empowered, abled, poised and ready! On any given day, I am usually confident; however, today was different. There was a different ‘swagger’ that happened. I was intentional and laser focused. As I went about the day, I received an unusual number of compliments. I immediately noted the greater sense of awareness that I was experiencing.”

This empowering experience motivated Dr. Burton to reach out to other women and inquire about the feeling they experienced when they painted their lips red. Over 50 women in all states answered the call, and the magic was ignited. As a result, the Paint Your Lips Red campaign was born.

Paint your Lips Red (PYLR) is a campaign to empower, equip, create awareness and become a daily reminder for women to use their voice, and watch the magic that happens through the power of wearing red lipstick. The campaign started as a social media challenge and has turned into a movement. Women have found their shade and their groove through the power of the paint. The red lipstick has united women in sisterhood, and allowed them to share their personal stories, while encouraging them to be bold, courageous andauthentic.

The mission of PYLR is to reach 10,000 women globally. The movement will equip women to become more aware while preparing the next generation of women leaders. A national PYLR day is underway in partnership with a cosmetic line which will create an exclusive shade for the national day. PYLR will also partner with the American Heart Association and AIDS awareness campaign to promote the importance of health.

Join the Paint Your Lips Red Movement today!

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