The Jones family, is rounded out by the eldest son, Clay Jones, portrayed by Pooch Hall (The Game, Ray Donovan) as the mercurial head of the family business. Pooch's character is somewhat a different tone from what we are used to seeing.

His presence makes you rethink our "dear sweet Derwin" has an evil twin...well, not so evil, but he will certainly raise a few eyebrows. I won't give it away, but you just have to see it for yourself when it airs. T2T had a chance to chat with him and some of the other cast, and this is what he had to say...

T2T: Most of America fell in love with you as Derwin Davis, the wide receiver for the San Diego Sabers on the BET comedy, "The Game." You went on to do more shows like the drama, "Ray Donovan" in which you played "Daryll" the illegitimate son of Jon Voight who played "Mickey." Now, here you are playing "Clay Jones," the son of a powerful Female Media Mogul. How is this drama different from the other films in the past, and what did you gain from them to help you prepare for your character in the film, "Media?"

POOCH: I was approached with this opportunity from a friend and told it's like the Godfather meets Empire...and then he said, it's with TV ONE. Then he sent me the material and I was like, "Whoa!" Based off of who we are in the industry, most focus on the analyst thing, but it doesn't matter to me about that; what matters, is the material...and I loved it! That says a lot about TV One, because this project could easily be at Showtime, HBO, FOX or any of those other networks. This is huge for TV One and the characters...us having a moment as Black people to tell our stories. It's not always about--can we run fast, or you can rap, but, we have business lives as well. To play this character, it's a different character from what I am used to playing. He's dark, he's very much about his family, he's very much about his mom, and he's fighting so hard to do what's necessary because his family fought so hard to get into this position. Clay makes sure he's in a position that no one is going to mess with his family, no one is going to get in his way or the family business. For my character, he is like, "If anyone is gonna mess with home...I'm gonna have to see to it." I make things disappear; so, I had to do some things that's above the law. I think it's truly fun to play this character. He's so different from anything that I have ever played; and then to be playing with my friends, it's been truly an honor, and that made it fun for me. I am excited about my fans getting to see me play a different type of character and my full acting ability. One thing that makes it fun, we trust each other and we all came from serious backgrounds that are full of major talent. So I think each one of us, made each other better, and it's not just one main ingredient. I think that we are all main ingredients, so we have this souffle of just "thunder."


T2T: What was your most rewarding moment in this film "Media?"

POOCH: My most rewarding moment in the film, was almost like seeing myself as a father figure of the family making sure everything was good. I always wanted to work with Brian and Penny, as our mom and Chrystee Pharris as my sister, and Blue Kimble, I worked with him on "The Game." I think it was for us, working together and seeing ourselves as a family, and my rewarding moment was just literally seeing us as a family...and it being believable on screen. I felt that it was my job to make sure we shared the top. I felt this was an opportunity, as far as being second in command, under my Mom. It was just an honor that my Mom put me in that position. To play a character like that… to have the free range, just to be able to play was fascinating.

T2T: For fans, like my daughter, Hatiara, who is an aspiring actress, what advice would you give her on getting into this industry? What are the perks and pitfalls?

POOCH: You always want to remember to have fun. I can't stress that enough. Whatever you experience in life, no one can take that away from you. Sometimes we complain about catching bad breaks, or I wish it was like this. It's gonna happen like it's supposed to be. As long as you keep your nose clean and watch those around you, most likely the outcome will be that of something positive. You have to educate yourself in this industry. Remember, its show business. Don't try to adjust yourself to what they want. You have to make yourself the strongest you can make yourself, mentally. I've been very fortunate to be blessed with my daughter who has cerebral palsy and she doesn't complain, all she knows is love and she doesn't know hate, she doesn't know race, she doesn't know anything but love. So, I take a page from her book, and I tend to walk through life with a smile. That's something genuine and authentic and no one can take that away from me.




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