Sports Go Green!!!

Sports Go Green!!!

One color all sports teams can agree upon is Green. Different leagues are putting in place the proper steps needed to go green and make the environment better.

One area in sports that may come as a surprise as going green is NASCAR. A sport that involves the constant burning of gas for the cars, wants to take the initiative to become environmentally friendly. NASCAR is putting together a recycling program to do better.

The NBA is working on becoming a more environmentally responsible organization and will continue to explore ways to help out. As they work on a path to spread the importance of protecting the environment, they would like their fans to do the same. One of the many ways they will encourage others to join the efforts of going green is host NBA Green Week 2013.

Green Week will kick off from April 4-12 and the NBA will partner up with the Natural Resources Defense Council for what will be the fourth annual Green Week. This is just one of the ways the league, its teams and players are taking steps to be more environmentally friendly.

Also leagues like NFL, NHL and MLB are coming up with programs to lend that help hand.

With the different leagues having the support of the fans, going green is a step that everyone can take to help out.

Remember Go Green !!!

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