Ladies Guide to Understanding Football

“Here It Is Ladies”

Hey ladies ever sit down and watch football not knowing any of the terminology? 

Watching Sunday and Monday Night Football gets boring because you’re lost.  Watching the game with your guy friends pretending like you know what’s going on.

A lot of women seem to learn the sport from a brother who plays, their dad or their boyfriend who watches every Sunday.

Football can be a complicated sport to learn about. For instance there’s thirty-two NFL teams to keep track of, and twenty-two men on the playing field at once.

Here are a few things to know when watching a game: 

1.    The first thing to know about the game is who is the offense and which team is the defense. Offense is the team that has the ball and is trying to score a touchdown. The defense is the opposite team trying to stop the team with the ball. Special teams handle punts and kickoffs.
2.    The quarterback is one of the most popular positions in the sport. The quarterback is the player throwing the ball to one of his receivers downfield.  
3.    When the defense is stopping the offense they are usually stopping them from getting a first down. A first down is one of four attempts for the offense to score a touchdown.
4.    A touchdown is worth six points. With a chance to score an extra point by special teams.
5.    If the offense drops the ball it is called a fumble. The defense then recovers the ball it is a fumble recovery. Meaning the defense recovered a loose football.
6.    A tackle is getting an offensive player down, attempting to stop the play. Usually a player wraps their arms around their opponent to get them down.
7.    Incomplete pass is the quarterback throwing the ball and the receivers missing the ball. It can also be known as pass incomplete.
8.    If a referee (official monitoring the game) throws a yellow flag on a play, it happens due to a penalty by either the offense or defense. It can cost either team yardage.
9.    There are 100 yards on a football field.
10.     A football game is usually played in four quarters, which are fifteen minutes. 

By the time the biggest football game of the year (The Super Bowl) comes around you’ll have more knowledge about the sport you once knew nothing about.

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