Home Trends 2014

The following are trends for the New Year in ways people will be living and decorating their homes.  These trends are rising in 2014 and maybe beyond.

1. Multigenerational Living
Research has shown an increase with multigenerational living in the same household.  The multigenerational arrangement usually involves three generations which include grandparents, parents and children.  This arrangement sometimes is due to aging grandparents that need care and college aged children or twenty-something children staying at home longer for economic reasons.  Some builders have embraced this trend with inclusion of two master suites or in-law suites.
2. Urban Downsizing
       Indicators are showing people moving to smaller homes Intown/Urban areas from bigger homes in the suburbs.  The influx of urban dwellings can be attributed to people wanting to be closer to work, shopping and entertainment.  Therefore some urban areas are reflecting an increase in condos, lofts and townhomes sales. 
3. Mixing Metals
       The gold rush is making a comeback.  Gold and brass are being shown in kitchen and bathroom fixtures, lighting and home accessories.  Gold can be mixed seamlessly with stainless steel and other metals.
4. Globing Styling
       Ethnic inspired home décor is popping up in pillows, rugs and pictures.  Asian and African inspired pieces are just two of global influences that appear in the home décor arena.  The Asian and African fabrics and furnishings can assimilate into almost any home style from tradition to modern and all stops in between.  Here’s to looking like the world traveler without leaving the country.
5. Seeing Blue
       Interior design and Fashion design tend to mirror one another.  Just as we are seeing blue on the runway from top designers, blue is also appearing in home décor.  Blue is ranging from royal blue to sky blue in the wall paint, pillows and home furniture pieces.

So whatever mood you are in, blue can accommodate it from calming blue to exhilarating blue. ■

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