Jesse and Sham Redmond: For over 20 year in Marriages

For over 20 years, Jesse and Sham Redmond have been working together as a husband and wife powerhouse writing and production team. Combining their talents and gifts together, they are evolving their musical and writing skills into a well sought out creative landmark.

 From the beginning, they realized each other's special abilities and knew they had something great.

The Redmonds both grew up in small towns in North Carolina, with big dreams of making it in the entertainment industry. From an early age, Jesse was humming and singing at local talent shows, winning many. He would go on to join a local male group called Average Guyz, which landed him a deal that introduced him to writing, engineering and production. He later relocated to Virginia Beach, Virginia, and had the opportunity to work with some of the greats such as, Missy Elliot, Chad Hugo from the Neptunes, and Big Bub from the legendary group, Today.

Jesse also shared the stage with the likes of Notorious B.I.G., Aaron Hall, Bernie Mac, Tank and Craig Mac, to name a few. He was able to sit in private sessions with one of the greatest producers to hit the scene, Mr. Teddy Riley. There he learned valuable engineering and production skills that enabled him to develop into one of the best producers in the game today. And, it doesn't stop there. Jesse's vocal and writing abilities have allowed him to venture off to become one of the heavy hitters in the Southern Soul genre today.

We're meeting him as Jesse Redmond, but his fans know him as J. Red the Nephew. His soulful sounds have put him into a market where his masterful abilities have created a sound that combines R&B, Blues and Soul music, with just enough of a Hip Hop undertone to keep you dancing. He has people everywhere stepping to his hit songs, My Good ThangGive It to Me, Step Out and I Will, to name a few. But, Jesse doesn't take all the credit because writing right beside him is another gifted writer, his wife of 18 years, Mrs. Sham Redmond. 

Sham was in NC writing songs and poems on paper bags at an early age, not realizing that her ability to write would lead her down avenues that would give her so much joy and satisfaction. In the neighborhood, she would become well known for writing hooks, songs and even stage plays. Sham's love for writing has given her one of her most successful stage plays called "If All Men Were Good, There Would Be No Bad Women," which she wrote in two days. This play fills auditoriums all over, and rave reviews would be all that could be uttered after the production. Songs, stage plays, poems, sitcoms, web series, you name it, she can write it.

Sham gives much credit to her supportive husband, Jesse, because he has stood by her side while she was standing by his. And not only do they write, sing and produce, but they both have star roles in the stage productions. Acting and producing the shows can be challenging, but they do it and they do it well. Sham also wanted us to know that Jesse has been beneficial in her learning more and more about artist development and studio production, which now allows her to sit in their sessions, not just as an observer, but as a creative force that has helped in their business developing many artists.

Bringing their talents together, has made the Redmond’s music and writing companies, Soul Mop Music Group and Redmond’s Production, thrive. They are now writing songs for Southern Soul Artists such as Theodis Ealey, Willie Hill, and Sir Charles Jones, to name a few. This couple has learned to bridge their personal life, business and talents together, creating an emerging business that has brought them to Atlanta, GA, where they now reside. Being in “Hotlanta,” is opening up doors that they well deserve. They are both working on projects that are sure to be a success. The best thing is, they’re doing it TOGETHER. Most people say that mixing love and business never works but Jesse and Sham Redmond say that mixing love in business is how they made it work.

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