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Courage to Transform: Outside Assessment, Inside Transformation

Courage to Transform: Outside Assessment, Inside Transformation

Often times life’s most difficult struggles are not due to outside forces but internal forces that holds one to stagnation versus making the changes necessary to prevent the struggle.   Let the truth be told, it is not what others are doing or have done; it’s truly about what you are doing and willing to change about yourself. Change begins within and within isn’t anyone else but you!


What is the difference between a young man that recognizes he has an alcohol problem and admits himself in an Alcoholic Anonymous program from the one who recognizes he has the problem and does nothing about it? The difference yields the latter a lifetime of heart-ache, pain, embarrassment, emotional unrest, negative physical implications and lost relationships. The secrets we keep have a way of clawing its way to the surface. However, the one who has the courage to transform pursues a life of greatness.

The magnitude of courage it takes for an individual to step outside of him/herself and conduct a full assessment of the changes mandatory to escalate to the next level for many, is easier said than done. Being true to yourself requires honesty and action of yourself. Finger pointing has its place; however, it will not help you achieve your greatness and live in your purpose. The blame game is often pointless because the only individual one truly has control over is him/herself.

What are you going to do to change? Most importantly, will you take the action to do it? Will you say “No” to that temptation that’s driving you down a path of destruction? Perhaps, it is the desire to consume food that prevent you from reaching your healthy weight goal, laziness in obtaining that degree/certification you have put off for years, continuance of dating a married person or stealing from the job. Whatever your issue may be, know that it is not too late to change; however, the change must start Now!

Time waits on no one, it keeps going whether you want it to or not. Finding bravery, discovering strength in the midst of an internal battle requires due diligence, focus and a sincere love for self. Judging yourself is loving yourself! Yes, you have been wonderfully and masterfully created so anything that leads you from operating as such must be removed. You deserve to live your most remarkable you and sometimes in order to do that you must shave the excess weight of sin. Search your heart and ask yourself some basic questions: What’s my vice? What transgression of law has seeped into my being? What offenses are operating within me? Are there actions or habits bothering my moral compass? What scandals have engulfed me? What thoughts or actions are endangering the ideal relationship between my sisters and brothers?

Step outside of yourself and conduct your self-assessment! Take a good strong look, not a physical look but a look at your soul. That soul being your feeler, your thinker…that which drives you to action. Be true, be real, be honest and sincerely judge yourself. If you do so, then no one else can judge you. Once that’s done jump back in and TRANSFORM. Turn away, make a 180-degree switch from that issue. Leave it behind. Yes, this does take COURAGE but you can do it. By doing so, you will realize that remarkable you!

                                                                                                                                                Gwen Mason - GABB Enterprises

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