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Travel Must Have: Freshen Up Kit!

Travel Must Have: Freshen Up Kit!
This past winter was one of the most brutal winters in history. Winter weather shut down several airports which cancelled thousands of flights. Travelers were left stranded in airports for days with their luggage stuck in holding areas. No access to a hotel or shower facilities to freshen up can drive a person crazy (lol). Before you take another vacation, we suggest you create your very own ‘freshen up kit!’

Sunscreen Skin Care Tips

May is ‘Skin Cancer Awareness Month’and that’s the one time of year when emphasis is placed on protecting your skin from the suns damaging rays.   Actually you should protect your skin from the sun’s rays every day, all day. If you’re planning a vacation this summer to a sunny destination there are a few rules that every vacationer should follow to protect their skin.

Beauty and Brains Lupita Nyong’o is taking the world by storm-one red carpet at a time

True Beauty Exudes From Within. From her breakout performance in 12 Years a Slave that landed her Best Supporting Actress Academy Award, to her moving acceptance speech at the Black Women in Hollywood luncheon, this is Lupita Nyong’o’s year.

2014 Trend Alert: Crop It Up!

We are well into the spring season, and there are a ton of fashion trends popping up all over the place.

Jump Start Your Weight Loss Through Detox

This winter was a challenging time for Atlantans. This season we had a few extra days off to sit home and stuff our faces with food we really didn’t need only because there was nothing else to do.

Legair Brand Designs Fashion: From the Eyes of Caribbean/American Fashion Designer

      Legair brand designs is a high fashion woman’s clothing company, we recently relocated to the Atlanta area, we cater to women in their 20's to 60's.

HairSaché LLC Makes HerCase Available for Sale

      HairSaché LLC has launched the Doshia® brand Original HerCase Collection® providing women of all ages with a fashionably discreet, light-weight and easy-to-use “multi-storage solution” for beauty and cosmetic products ranging from wigs, clip-ons, hair pieces, and hair extensions, to make-up, jewelry, and other personal care essentials such as combs, brushes, and satin caps.


Akema Day is an Author, Motivational Speaker, and a certified Life Coach who specializes in personal, career, and relationship counseling.

Lynn Bruce: Rock to a Diamond

My book, Rock to a Diamond introduces you to a woman who finds herself on a road of self-destructive behavior, always accepting the worse, when she knows she deserves the best.

Erica Lola King: Love Without A Limit

Erica Lola King is a native of Houston, Texas.  She has always enjoyed writing.

Trish Standley: Debut Single "Cheer Up"

December of 2009 marked the launch of the artistic expression of Trish Standley when she showcased her debut project titled, “Introducing…Trish.”

Be A Self-Motivator "When a man's willing and eager, God joins in" By Angela M. Thomas

Focus and commitment is the key to succeeding, regardless of what choices you make in life.

Sports Go Green!!!

One color all sports teams can agree upon is Green. Different leagues are putting in place the proper steps needed to go green and make the environment better.

Ladies Guide to Understanding Football

“Here It Is Ladies”

Hey ladies ever sit down and watch football not knowing any of the terminology?