The Perfect Eyebrow

The eyebrows are an important enhancement for models, professionals, and consumers.

There are five popular ways to make the eyebrow bone more prominent. They include: tweezing, waxing, sugaring, threading, and using the razor. So many different looks may be achieved per the occasion, and makeup artists see the entire face as a canvas for contour, highlights, color and illusion.

The options of transforming the look of the eye and eyebrow are limitless. For example: look at theatrical makeup used in movies for eyebrows. It is truly amazing!

On the other hand, there are some consumers who suffer with alopecia conditions which causes them to have no eyebrows. Two examples include: trichotillomania and alopecia universalis. Trichotillomania is a compulsive hair pulling disorder. Some consumers pull out their own eyebrows, and other hairy areas on the body. Whereas, alopecia universalis is an auto-immune disease, which causes a person to lose all body hair.

I asked Junette Altidor, freelance hairstylist, to share some valuable information about what technique she prefers, tips on shaping the eyebrow with stencils, sterilization, educating clients, airbrush techniques, eyebrow tattooing, the new wave of permanent eyebrows, and how she deals with clients affected with alopecia of the eyebrows.

“My interest in eyebrow arching started mainly because of the grace and elegance it brings to the structure around the eye. I mainly service women. There are many different shapes ex: round shape brows soften angular facial structures. Sharp angled opens up the eye and gives a younger looking appearance. Soft angled gives an even younger appearance, curved gives you a strong appearance for those who have square facial structure and last is flat which works best with long faces and gives the face an appearance of a more oval face look. I prefer tweezing because you have great control, and can accurately choose the hairs you're removing. This method can basically be done on anyone, despite their condition or medicine they take. When used correctly, tweezers shouldn’t have any harmful effects on the skin. With tweezers you only have one tool to worry about vice waxing, which is much quicker but some clients may have a reaction to the wax.”

Why is sanitizing so important?  “Tweezers that look clean can still be contaminated with microscopic germs. Rinsing off a pair of tweezers will not be enough to sterilize and kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. Disinfect and store tweezers in sterile conditions. To ensure they are sterile, use a mild detergent and soak in a bowl for 10 minutes. Scrub tweezers with a sterilized clean toothbrush or new one. Rinse with cool water for 30 seconds. Boil tweezers in for one minute in a bowl of hot water. When complete remove tweezers pat dry on a clean paper towel, then soak tweezers in alcohol jar until you are ready to use them. For determining how often you should wax your eyebrows will depend a bit on how fast your hair grows at first. Most often, re-touch after 2 weeks or so. A more youthful look, frames eyes, balances out facial features, and for many makes a more refined appearance. Consumers must follow directions and labels when using an eyebrow arch kit to prevent harm to their skin surrounding the eye and face. If you are not sure about what to do, seek professional help. I regularly educate the consumer about the importance of arching eyebrows for a polished look for any event. My recommendation is the sharp angled, because this particular arch opens up the eye and gives you a younger looking appearance. In addition, it also gives a polished glow that makes your eyes shine.”

“For my clients who suffer from alopecia of the eyebrow, I apply a stencil shaper to draw in natural looking brows. Another great method to use is airbrush makeup to give a natural flawless appearance. I feel with the application of new wave of eyebrow tattooing and permanent eyebrows the results are less makeup use.  What consumers should know is it dangerous to get tattooed and permanent eyebrows removed and quite risky. Conditions you may experience include: rusting, infections, allergic reactions, and skin cancers, color fading or last but not least, a bad job or totally an arch you didn't ask for. So be sure to make your decision wisely when ultimately making your decision.”

Junette Altidor (aka Jazzyjuju Bee)

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