Hair loss from Hyperthyroidism

Hair loss from Hyperthyroidism

    Do you have a thyroid disease?  According to the 2013 statistics, 30 million Americans are currently diagnosed and 200 million are affected worldwide. The signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism vary. 

It’s main function is to control the metabolism for how fast the body runs. Therefore, the immune system mistakenly attacks the person’s own thyroid to release an abundance of hormone.  With the excessive production of the thyroid hormone, the body reveals some unwanted and uncontrollable symptoms.  An alarming 37,000 new cases are diagnosed each year in the USA.  Alopecia (hair loss) is a common sign.  This butterfly shaped gland is located in the front of the neck just below the voice box or Adam’s apple, and runs in families of individuals who have autoimmune disorders.

A few examples include: childhood diabetes, multiple sclerosis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.  Some of the common signs and symptoms for this  gland include: a nervous feeling, irritability, difficulty sleeping, bulging eyes, an unblinking stare, goiter (throat swelling/protruding which must be surgically removed), menstrual irregularities, light period, frequent bowel movements, warm-moist hands, excessive vomiting in pregnancy, hoarseness or deepening of the voice, persistent dry or sore throat, difficulty swallowing, rapid heartbeat, infertility, weight loss, heat intolerance, increased sweating, hair loss, 1st trimester miscarriage, and a family history of thyroid disease or diabetes.  Many consumers have asked is there any way to avoid Graves’ Disease?  Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid it, but it can be controlled.
      On June 24, 2011, a statement was released of this disease by Grammy Award Winning Rapper/Producer Missy Elliot.  Elliott had suffered with this diagnosis since 2008 before her announcement.  Alopecia, hand and muscle tremors, and mood swings were some of the many signs and symptoms Elliot experienced.  In addition, other famous people with this diagnosis are Former President and 1st Lady George Bush & Barbara Bush, Oprah Winfrey, Toni Childs, Gail Devers, and Bobby Laborte just to name a few.
     Alopecia:  changes with the scalp hair reveals fibers that are fine and soft, with an altered texture.  Diffuse alopecia is not uncommon.  Fingernails are more clubbed and curve upward.  Women are more likely to develop Graves’ than men and, like Elliott, the diagnosis typically occurs between 30 and 40 years of age. Out of the 100 percentile, 80% of cases are women diagnosed with hypothyroidism and 20% diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.  Researchers have begun isolating genes for Graves’ that differ among races, and the results reveal the three races with the higher percentages…Caucasians, Japanese, and Chinese.  The overall conclusion is the disease appears to affect all racial groups. 
      The current available treatments include medication, radiation or surgery to calm down the overactive thyroid or remove the goiter.
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