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Ceci` Maria Orengo:Atlanta’s version of Adversity to Business Owner

Ceci` Maria Orengo:Atlanta’s version of Adversity to Business Owner


Ceci` Maria Orengo is the first in her family to have earned a Bachelor’s Degree.

She studied Mathematics from Kennesaw State University and studied Chemical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Savannah State under their dual degree program. She is currently a financial analyst at TravelPort, a travel distribution technology company located in Atlanta, GA. She also mentors and offers math tutoring to the youth in her community.

In December 2013, her grandmother suffered from a stroke and she was compelled to gain the knowledge to promote health and fitness. She is now the owner and founder of CMOResults (pronounced C-MORE-Results) Fitness & Nutrition.

She takes pride in encouraging healthy lifestyles to enhance the mind, body, and spirit. She has been a guest speaker for prestigious organizations such as the Eastern Stars and the United States Navy Military just to name a few. She enjoys sharing her knowledge about Fitness and Nutrition with others. She has helped several people in her community achieve their health/personal goals. Ceci` believes the greatest rewards in life are accomplished by consistency and struggle. She is the mother of two young boys Demayas 11 and Amari 7 years old. This motivational speaker’s motto is “achieving is believing.”

Ceci` recalled and shared how her grandmother’s stroke took her to another level. “The day I CHANGED my mind about food, increased life-long benefits that I could never imagine.” She considered it a lifelong transformation. She quickly realized how ones eating habits affect them emotionally, physically, and spiritually. For her, food was an outlet. As a young girl, her mom helped control her eating habits by placing parameters on what and how much she could eat. She remembers her saying “Ceci` slow down, some day you are going to want be a cheerleader and boys don’t like fat girls.” She didn’t mind telling her like it was. Ceci` credits her with the reason she didn’t grow up as an overweight child. However, those restrictions only lasted for so long. After going off to college, she was free to eat as she pleased. She remembers eating her first Jr. Whopper and how good it tasted! She ate out a lot and would eat 2-3 plates of food in the college food hall. Her mom was not around to place limits or boundaries on her eating habits. Therefore, the weight would soon sneak up on her as she aged.

“I’m fat and I hate it! Hiding beneath clothing”

Seven years later and two kids, she found herself at a breaking point. After traveling to Puerto Rico on a vacation, she took several pictures on the beach. When she got back home to load the pictures on her computer, she noticed that her body looked different from what she remembered. In fact, she was quite devastated looking at those pictures because she remembered sucking in her tummy on the beach. She never noticed how much she had gained due to the fact, she would just buy larger clothing and would hide behind her clothes. She never wore skirts, shorts or anything that would show her legs.

“What did the Scale Read, little miss piggy?”

A few months later, she decided to buy a scale. It took a few months because she was still in denial about being overweight she bought a digital scale because she wanted to know exactly how much she had gained. She was shocked to learn that she weighed the same weight when full-term with her youngest son. She was 40 lbs. overweight with no baby inside her belly this time. At this point, she knew she needed to make a change. She had already lost uncles and aunts from health-related issues such as heart attacks, cancer and strokes which alarmed her greatly. In addition to that, her Abuela (grandmother in Spanish), had suffered from several strokes within a three-month span (Early 2014). Her grandmother’s passing last December caused her to really realize that our health and environment has a lot to do with how we survive as humans.

“Little Miss Piggy competes in Bikini Bodybuilding Competitions”

In December 2014, she had lost 40 pounds by simply changing her eating habits, counting calories and exercising more often. She used the MyFitness Pal religiously. It took her awhile to wean herself off that app after a year. Although, she lost most of the weight on her own, she did not like her lack of muscle mass. She wanted to be more toned and tight. She would see other fitness models in the gym and I can remember thinking “I want to be tight and tone just like those ladies.” She thought about plastic surgery too! But, plastic surgery is the easy way out and can cause many health risks. So she hired a nutritionist who introduced her to the world of bodybuilding. His program taught her a lot about weight training and how to organize her training sessions. She also learned how to be in tune with her bodily changes. Now she can determine which foods benefit her health. With the help of Raul Hitshew, she placed 2nd in her 1st bikini bodybuilding competition. In addition to his methodology, and her own research she learned the “what” you eat matters just as much as “how” much you eat. Through food manipulation and elimination, the body can undergo amazing changes in just a few months. She believes her profitable investment in her life was investing in her health.

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