Ryan Javon Davis

A living testament of turning tragedy into triumph is the story of this soldier, fitness guru, and motivational speaker. Ryan Javon Davis’s (Javon) life story breeds resilience, selflessness, relentlessness and perseverance!

In many cases, these are adjectives, but in Davis’s case these words are verbs. Having dedicated almost half of his life to helping others reach their maximum potential—Javon has spent the last 5 months working extra hard, for he himself is recovering from a grueling injury to his femur.

Know Thy Strength” is the personal mantra of this 31 year old, Virginia-born Army Reserve Drill Sergeant. This young entrepreneur is also the creator of RD90— an international fitness program that includes, motivation and fitness training videos, and nutrition coaching and natural supplements that improve overall health—proving that he has body and brains!

After 13 years of dedicated military service, including one tour of Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan), Davis felt that he could use his military experience to do what he has always desired to do…inspire, improve and transform lives. Using his own personal experience, he is living proof that people have the ability to overcome obstacles by staying dedicated, committed and focused –pushing and challenging your self to do more than what is required. Using motivation to achieve optimal mental and physical health, Mr. Davis is a recipe for greatness.

With his humble, yet confident attitude and drive, Davis is seeking to do more acting and print advertising while promoting personal fitness and the RD90 products.

Knowing that he will ultimately rise above his situation like a phoenix, Davis teaches that 100% of one’s strength is mental—“cause either you’re fully committed or not!” Davis has truly used life lessons and his injury to work harder, as well as believe even more in himself, his abilities and others.

For more information on RD90. or for personal appearance information please contact - Leighala J. Management & Entertainment for contact and booking @This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or (213)626-1005.

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