Rufus Waller "Scola Dinaro' Former Member of "Dru Hill"

"Not About the Fame, it’s About the Call and the Journey"

“The fame is cool, but knowing the business is what really matters”, says Scola…

Rufus Waller, Jr. born in Baltimore, Maryland, known to millions of fans as “Scola Dinero” the incomparable, talented singer, songwriter, record producer, executive producer, and undeniably known as the former 5th member of the Multi-Platinum R&B Group…“Dru Hill”.

In 1992, "Scola" was part of a group called "The Perfect Combination". The group consisted of Scola, Dae Dae & Jamieo. They received their first record deals with Elektra Records. Shortly after the group disbanded, "Scola" was one of the featured vocalists and producers on "Woody Rock's" album project titled "Soul Music", and featured on title track “How Can I Desert You” along with R&B Group "Ruff Endz". In addition to, "Scola" writing and producing the first two leading singles titled "My Homey" featuring "Dru Hill" and "No Matter What You're Going Through" featuring "Case".

In 1996, “Scola” released the debut of his Single track titled “Let’s Get Personal”. It was later followed by his 1st album titled “One Love, One Struggle”. The growth and popularity of “Let’s Get Personal” resulted in a great deal of airplay in Baltimore and other major cities, and established "Scola" as a well-recognized vocalist and phenomenal recording artist!

With Seven Top 40 Hits and three albums from “Dru Hill”, in 2001, after numerous musical conversations and invitations from "Sisqo" and "Woody Rock", "Scola" finally joined the dynamic R&B group "Dru Hill". "Scola" went on to co-write and record the Platinum Album "Dru World Order". In 2008, "Scola" parted from “Dru Hill” and since then he has continued to perform with mainstream artists world-wide!

Q: With all the continued success, all of your fans, listeners and colleagues want to know is…. Who is Rufus “Scola Dinero” Waller?

A: Simply answered, but purposely ordained to be...I am a beloved father, creative soul, writer, executive producer, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author, business consultant, fashion model, drummer, actor, last but not least..I am a serious lover of basketball known to my family, hometown neighborhood, associates and business colleagues.

Q: When did you know that you were born to walk this journey, and ultimately perform music?

A: Well, music is in my blood! My grandfather Prince Harold Waller was 1st cousins to the late great GRAMMY Hall of Famer "Fats Waller" who was a renowned Composer and American Jazz pianist “Ain't Misbehavin” who played for sultry vocalists such as Lena Horne, Billie Holiday, Dorothy Dandridge, and many other Jazz greats of that era. Being the family drummer as a kid, my dad Rufus Waller, Sr. and my mom Dorothy Johnson always knew that I had the "gift of music", and they encouraged me to pursue the whole platform of entertainment. After taking in my parent’s advice...I knew for sure that I was destined!!

Q: Throughout your musical career, who are some of the people who have given you solid advice, and or perhaps mentored you?

A: Well, I've had some of the greatest influential people in music, television, and the film world like Wesley Snipes, LL Cool J, Stevie Wonder, Antonio Herrera and many others that have given me some serious advice, I'm blessed! But, most profoundly...

Prince once said to me "never let anyone water-down the ideas and visions that God has put upon you...!"

Luther Vandross requested to meet with me after one of our recording sessions at the "Hit Factory" in New York, in conversation Luther said to me “don’t lose sight on what God has planned for you, stay focused...!”

Gerald Levert said “you are born to be a solo artist and a phenomenal vocalist to the world...!"

Q: What’s new for "Scola Dinero" is 2018?

A: My team and I are currently in the studio creating an album called "Quiet Money". A Single off the album that will be available the first part of the year. There is also a Mini-Movie coming out from the album "Quiet Money" titled "Life & the Times of Rufus Waller Jr".

In addition to, I've worked with, and continue to work with the incredible Play writer and Executive Producer Donald Gray. I am also a producer for the Emmy NominatedAnglers & Appetites” Show which is currently showing on syndicated channels (Destination America" FOX Sports South...check your local listings for additional channels). I am also working with Film Director and Producer Chris Robinson who is known for his Blockbuster movies "The New Edition Story", "ATL", Hit TV Series "Real Husbands of Hollywood", Hit TV Drama "STAR", and now the current Director of the "Soul Train Awards".

Q: What do you want to say to the upcoming artists, and what words of advice would you leave your fans with?

A: Well, I would say to the upcoming artists, the fans and even my business realistic with your goals, find your passion, and prioritize your money and passion.

“If you’re passionate about what you’re doing and what you’ve been created to do, the money will follow....the money will follow.” "Scola" explained. “Your passion will lead you to the money.” For sure...! Much Love and Blessings to you...Rufus "Scola Dinero" Waller, Jr. 1Love

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