Melinda Santiago: CEO and Talent Manager of the "S" Firm


In an industry where most of the people are untrustworthy, all one sees is the "glitz and the glam"...not the story behind the successes of those who make it, let alone—break it.

Of those who seem to be living their dream, if you ask, the reasoning behind finally eating their "pie in the sky," they might say it lies within the confines of a lot of prayers and an amazing management team. When CEO and Talent Manager of the "S" Firm, Melinda Santiago was asked what is necessary to be a thriving entrepreneur, humanitarian, and CEO she gave these powerful words of wisdom.

It is necessary to be honest with yourself. Acknowledge your strengths and own your shyt. A successful CEO never boasts...we just SHOW up and support each other. I don't mean just by giving shout outs on social media...but by actually paying your respect with backing them.

In this interview...T2T stepped into the den of the mind of a woman who established her mark by making calculated moves. So sit down and listen to how Melinda Santiago's journey up the ladder of achievement, placed her into a position to not only help others, but to live her dream, BOSS-style!


Climbing the ladder with one accomplishment after another, as a Powerhouse CEO of a management firm, is not an easy feat. In Melinda's own words, a lot of fails, which now, I look back...and "AM" thankful, like bankruptcy, loss of a job, married—then divorced, doing what I gotta do as a single mom...WHEW! Very few people really understand my story. I've never been handed anything. I learned to say, "No!" a long time ago, to takers and survive through it all. And you know what?...these beautiful beat downs, disappointments, and trials only inspired my spiritual growth. It brought me to the very PEACE people only dream of! Take a look! I’m living in my truth, in spite of it all.



Managing various talents from music artists, to celebrity chefs, talk show hosts, and leading actors, mean you have to possess strong communication, business, marketing, and skills versed in the fields of each of your clients. This takes strategy methods that will keep your clients working, happy, and dominating their genres with a "stay-on-top" mindset. For Ms. Santiago...whether she's spending hours making phone calls arranging appearances and seeking engagements...or using her above-average experience to discern which formats will showcase her clients best; the Latin Boss-Diva has no problem dealing with fragile egoes, astute temperament, resilience, and knowing when to set up that calculated shot behind the eight-ball to win...In other words, Melinda Santiago is not afraid to keep her eye on the BEST move, just as diligent, as her male counterparts.

I was too young to remember when we moved to Michigan City, Indiana where I grew up, but I do recollect that there were some things that went down when my dad was a deputy sheriff, causing us to move. But rather than let her woes cause her to fall into a bondage frame of mind; it compelled her to build a game plan. When I started junior high, I was somewhat of a female jock. .LOL...I was a cheerleader, gymnast, played tennis, and basketball. No one motivated me to succeed. I have passion that is focused like a LION! I'm going to sniff out opportunities and then I am going to create opportunities to pounce on—with a fierceness. In truth...I had to find that strength in my own roadblocks and testimony. Baby, I was born and built for this!


So what's next for the Santiago Firm...or "S" Firm in Atlanta, Georgia with this Artist Management, Artist Development, and Branding Firm?

When it comes to her CLIENTS...They're family! I want each one of them to flourish and they trust me to do just that, to handle their business—because I make it MY business to do so. We all are silly asses that love a good laugh and support one another.

When it comes to her PHILOSOPHY...My mantra of "God Blesses Good Business" comes because in this industry, it can be so tempting for people to do bad business. I have no choice other than depending on God and His favor that's over me. I just don't say it...I live it. I am a witness over and over again, that the blessings overflow from just doing "good things" ALL the time.

When it comes to her LEGACY...I want to leave the knowledge of a long financial stability, good honest morals, a respectful name, my contagious smile (of course) and my overall comedic nature. It matters when a person says, 'Melinda helped me and she had no clue how much her advice helped me'...or 'Melinda saved my life in a way I can't explain.'

When it comes to her FAMILY...My greatest joy and triumphs are my children. My twin daughters, my 9 year old son, and my 6 year old "mini-me," keep me young. I live for them...I strive for them...and I will make sure they have a great example (in me) of empowerment and determination when it comes to fulfilling your dreams.

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