Tony Terry When I’m “With You”


I don’t know anyone that does not remember Tony Terry; he had several R&B hits in the late 80’s! Remember his song, “With You,” from his self-titled second album in 1990?? This song still makes us women swoon today! It’s one of the most requested wedding songs of all time!!

Tony Terry was born in North Carolina and raised in Washington, D.C. While in D.C., he attended and graduated from the Duke Ellington School of Arts. He currently lives in Atlanta with his family. I had the privilege of being invited by Terry to the Howard Hewett, Tony Terry, and Rome concert on October 14, 2016. Actually, before the show, is when I did this interview! Terry is a very personable man with a contagious smile, and he’s an absolute delight to be around. He dedicated the show to his friend Tommy Ford better known as “Tommy” from the sitcom Martin. Tommy transitioned from this life just two days prior to this interview.


I wanted to know what inspired Terry’s famous song “With You.” He states, “A friend of mine by the name of Raymond Reeder wrote the song. I had a lot going on in my life at that time and that song represented how I felt. The reason the song was written is another story, but I recorded it because of the things I was going through, and had just won custody of my baby…that made me happy! A lot of people don’t know it, but Anita Baker is the reason that the video “With You” exists. I didn’t even know her at the time! She gave me the money to produce it and she is the Executive Producer.”

Terry has had many amazing and memorable moments. He was a 1991 Soul Train Music Award nominee. He reminisces, “I was honored to be in the category with Michael Jackson, and Luther Vandross… (chuckling) Michael Jackson won!” Another memorable event for him was when he worked on a musical titled Sisterella that Michael Jackson produced. Terry continues, “The song She’s Fly was released in 1987, and written by one of my high school friends whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. I had just finished my album when I ran into him. I took him to the studio right away; we recorded She’s Fly…it ended up being the first single off the album that started the whole thing!”

Tony Terry has definitely not been idle. He is continually working on great music. His most recent album was iTony 6 which was released October 2015! He presently has a brand new single titled, “December Goodbye,” which he tells me is an end of the year song…a break up song. He states, “I’m singing it with a friend, Sylver Logan Sharp. I went to high school with her; we had a long-term relationship. Emotionally, it’s just a powerful song.” Terry also shares, “In January 2017, I have a new CD titled From The Heart, which will have a single released from it called, Who Can Tell The Heart, and I’m also shooting a video for it!” He is currently starring in Black Nativity at Crossroads Theater in New Brunswick, New Jersey. This man is steadily on the move!

I wanted to know more about Tony Terry the person, so I asked him to share a couple of things that most people don’t know about him. He proceeded to reveal to me, “A lot of people don’t know that I can cook…I can burn!!” Of course, I asked for an invite!! (Laughter) I asked if he played any instruments, and this was his response, which had us both laughing, “I don’t play any instruments; I have a short attention span. The patience that it would require to learn an instrument I didn’t have, so I wanted to sing!! As far as hobbies, my son plays football, so I’m active in that, supporting him and making sure he has what he needs. I take care of my family and keep a normal existence. I also spend a lot of time in the studio or in the gym.”

In 2010, Terry was the National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA) spokesperson. The association commemorated National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day in Anaheim, California. Terry, whose wife has fibromyalgia, performed a special concert during the closing Lights of Hope candle lighting ceremony. He also created a not for profit organization, Tony Terry All Lives Matter, Inc. The proceeds from his single, “All Lives Matter,” serve to benefit the victims of violence and brutality, and their families. Terry stated, “World peace is something that must happen without delay.”

It’s clear to see that Tony Terry is a multifaceted man, full of talent and has a lot going on!! Oh! I must add that for the 59th Grammy Awards, Tony Terry is being considered for the Best Historical Album award, which includes his most famous hit, “With You”!! This has been such a long time coming. Good luck Tony! Remember we are “With You!”

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