BREEZE (THE VOICE) Love is the Answer

These are the words so eloquently spoken by former President Jimmy Carter that graciously serve as the prelude to the song LOVE IS THE ANSWER, written by Breeze The Voice (Breeze). Not only Breeze’s management team, but the Carter Center themselves are expecting this song to make a huge impact as they adopt this song to be the mantra of their global peace and anti-violence initiative.

Breeze (the Voice), born Fabrice Clerger, is no stranger to having his songs heard and connected to civic and social initiatives because his lyrics and passion for many causes are an effortless matrimony. Breeze also penned a song “THE DREAM REALIZED” that was released on his freshman album (2013) and has been added to the Martin Luther King Center’s archives.

Born from loving parents of Haitian descent, Breeze grew up with a strong sense of morals, character and faith. He was born in West Palm Beach, Florida. He grew up loving to play basketball, draw and spend time with his family. Speaking of family, Breeze remembers listening to some of his father’s favorite classics blasting throughout the house. Artists like Michael Jackson, Teddy Pendergrass and New Edition were some of his favorites as a kid by default.

Although Breeze’s love for music began at a young age, he wasn’t very confident in his singing abilities. It wasn’t until a few years ago he discovered his true gift for singing and songwriting. At age 17, Breeze accepted Jesus as Lord of his life, and that’s when he began to “realize” his true calling - MUSIC. God has now called a once shy and insecure boy to boldly inspire people with his voice.

There is truly a plan for this passionate, soulful, laid-back, inspirational R&B artist with aspirations of being a true “TRENDSETTER” in the resurgence of great music. The saying: “A silent river runs deep” describes Breeze. On the surface, he is a man of few words, yet his music reveals the deeper parts of his soul and his great love for God. Music is no longer a hobby for Breeze, but an instrument that he uses to connect with both God and people.

Breeze is excited to be a part of Crash Zone Entertainment, a collective of artists and musically inspired industry executives that provide a haven for God-centered individuals like him to share music with the world. The Crash Zone Family calls it the “The Zone—a place where real music lives! Make sure to check out his latest album YOU, which features hit songs like Love is the Answer, OverFlow, Fire Love, Falling, and of course the title released single, You!

Breeze really believes, and we agree, his music and passion for helping others can make a difference in changing some of the social ills of this world! He prolifically sings about one variable in the equation that can not be absent and that is LOVE....Love is the Answer!

MUSIC AVAILABLE ON: iTunes, Amazon and BandCamp

BOOKING INFORMATION: Crash Zone Entertainment (773) 469-5908


Twitter: @BreezetheVoice


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