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Papa J SEZ Trumpeter, Joey Sommerville

Contemporary Jazz musician, trumpeter Joey Sommerville, was born in Detroit, Michigan. His music can best be described as a funky musical gumbo of jazz, R&B and gospel.


Angie Stone, born a native of Columbia, SC, is known across the globe as an electrifying recording artist, producer and actress.

Jazz Guitarist…NORMAN BROWN

Norman Brown is a Grammy-winning smooth jazz guitarist and singer from Kansas City, Kansas. Many times he is compared to George Benson and Wes Montgomery.  Interest in his brother’s acoustic guitar around the age of eight was the catalyst that sparked his own interest in the electric guitar.

Soprano Saxophonist…MARION MEADOWS

Marion Meadows is a phenomenal soprano jazz saxophonist originally from West Virginia. He was raised in Stamford, Connecticut.

MELI’SA MORGAN Don’t Count her out…She’s STILL Here!!

Most of us remember Meli’sa Morgan’s 1986 debut studio album, Do Me Baby! It reached number 41 on the US Billboard Pop Albums and number 4 on the US R&B Albums chart.

Tony Terry

I don’t know anyone that does not remember Tony Terry; he had several R&B hits in the late 80’s! Remember his song “With You” from his self-titled second album in 1990? This song still makes women swoon today! It’s one of the most requested wedding songs of all time!!