Carrie Rice

Carrie Rice is the owner of Carrie’s Closet, Designer of Fresh Anointings and Fashion Stylist for Carrie’s Couture.

Her extensive retail experience started in the 80’s working for some of the larger department stores. Fashion has always played an important role in her life. It was her way of expression. One of her main objectives is to show voluptuous women how to dress and indulge in this fashion industry no matter what size. In her latest collection, she adds vibrant colors, prints and flirty styles.

She believes full figured women should stand out in a crowd and not fade in the background. When styling her many clients, she adds so much creativity and confidence. She is not a stranger to taking fashion risks and starting her own trends. Being voluptuous all her life, gives her an edge on knowing the needs and wants of the full figured woman.

Carrie also has given seminars for embracing and dressing your curves. These seminars have helped many women learn how to dress their bodies and become true Fashionistas. Fashion is most definitely what she is passionate about. So if your looking for your own style or in need of a fashion intervention, Carrie is definitely your woman.

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