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Joe Carter (J. Carter Photography)

Joe Carter (J. Carter Photography)

Moving from the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn, New York, Joseph Carter relocated to Atlanta, Georgia 15 years ago to pursue his dream. 

And that dream was to become an entrepreneur.  He knew he wanted to be a barber, but he also had a passion for photography and videography.  Full of determination and faith, Joe researched the market, saved his money, got his credentials, and six months later, opened A Town Barbershop.  Once the barbershop became financially stable, Joe began searching for a way to fulfill his passion for visual art.  As fate would have it, the barbershop was not only his source of income, but also his resource for videography and photography projects.  It wasn’t long before word traveled that he was capable of producing top quality videos and photography services.  Miraculously, a representative from Trendsetters to Trendsetters Magazine (T2T) began to patronize the barbershop.  As they began to chat about the magazine and all the opportunities it offered, Joe realized he had found the answer to his prayers.  In August 2013, Joe became the staff photographer for T2T Magazine.  He now has a number of successful projects under his belt including coverage of The 22nd Annual Trumpet Awards, and the Who’s Who in Black Atlanta Unveiling Ceremony.  Photo credits include shoots of Thomas W. Dortch, Judge Penny Brown Reynolds, and a host of others.  Joe is serious about his work and plans to use his passion to make a positive impact in the community.

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