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Shernita Wiggins

Shernita Wiggins Featured

Shernita Wiggins is a native of Monroeville, Alabama and has over 20 years combined experience in education, creative design, technical, creative writing, and advanced technology skills.

She holds degrees in education, art, and technology: (A.A. Secondary Education, B.S. Art Education K-12, M.A. Technology Integration in Education K-12, and presently working on her EDD in Instructional Technology and Distance Education). She joined the Trendsetters to Trendsetter team as a Freelance Writer in June 2013. Shernita has written many articles on celebrities, influential, and inspiring individuals in Atlanta and other major cities.

She is the CEO/Founder of Trinity Entertainment Productions and Editor/Publisher of Car'mel-Velocity Pennation Publishing. Shernita, at the present time has 2 book publications already to her credit, with several to release from her own collection. The first will release in July 2014 entitled: Rise of the Phoenix, a fictional romance novel based loosely on her life. Several authors will also release under her company in 2014 in categories of inspirational, biopic, poetry, and suspense.

Her creative writing skills can be read in newspapers in Monroe, Wilcox, and Montgomery Counties in Alabama of community and educational events. As a celebrity correspondent/journalists, artist, singer, poet, writer, author, and educator, she utilizes her multiple talents to tell her stories and those of others. On her FaceBook Blog, Purposeful Living for Life's Journey, she continues to inspire, motivate, and compel actions for the lives of those seeking truths! The mother of three: sons (25 and 22), daughter (21) and granddaughter (2); she believes it is imperative that you leave behind legacies that can be passed from one generation to the next. Leading by example, she is proving that nothing is impossible when you set your mind to it!

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