THE REAL HUSTLE MAN: TinyStic™ Tech Entrepreneur and Author Gives Parents Credit For His Drive to Create, Innovate, and Build


Durtty Boyz Style: Trendsetting for the Millennials!!!

"You are too young… You have your whole life ahead of you… Take your time!" These are a few of the many remarks that some adults tend to convey to young people, which frequently, yet often unintentionally, discourages them from believing they can achieve greatness at an early age, but not ET of the Durtty Boyz!!!

Apria N. Gallman

Apria N. Gallman is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the AG Caregiver Advocate Group. Gallman uses her years of experience, knowledge, and expertise to educate, coach, mentor, train, and motivate caregivers worldwide. 


With over 16 years of teaching experience in the fitness industry, She has been teaching Pilates Principles at a leading health club in Chicago.

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of NELSON MANDELA

When Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born in 1918, South Africa was a country entirely different from what it is today. Since colonial times, people of color in South Africa were seen as second-class citizens despite the clear non-white majority.

Tiger Woods Comeback

As many of you know Tiger Woods is back in the game and he’s taking the number one spot.

Outdoor Living

Bringing the indoors to the outside creates more entertaining space for your family and friend gatherings. In most climates from the south to the north, the outdoor entertainment area is very popular and in demand. 

Nilaja F. Wilkerson’s

God Can Dream a Bigger Dream for you...far beyond anything You could ever Imagine – Oprah Winfrey

Bronner Bros. International Mid Summer Hair Show Delivered Non Stop Innovation, Education, Industry Trends and Celebrities

Hollywood and hair intersected at the 66th presentation of Bronner Bros. Mid Summer Hair Show. Industry professionals converged on the GA World Congress Center by the tens of thousands, each day from August 17-20, 2013.

Purpose is "Pretty Hardcore"

Purpose is establishing an innovative brand for themselves that is self-proclaimed as "Pretty Hardcore." It can be defined as bringing a fresh pro-feminine side to the powerful delivery and content of their material, within the mostly masculine demographic of the Christian Hip Hop genre.

Home Trends 2014

The following are trends for the New Year in ways people will be living and decorating their homes.  These trends are rising in 2014 and maybe beyond.

Kineh N’Gaojia

Quote: “I credit God for my SUCCESS, my family and my fatherhood!”

“My beginnings don’t predict my ending, it only highlights that I am destined to trod roads less traveled.” This quote could not be more defined for an individual than it is for Kineh N’Gaojia. From his humbling beginnings in Sierra Leone, West Africa until the age of nine, when some days were spent going without food, to establishing a love for two countries, positioning him to defend both.

Foreclosure 411

The current U.S. housing market and financial crisis have caused tremendous stress and heartache for families across America.

Sports Go Green!!!

One color all sports teams can agree upon is Green. Different leagues are putting in place the proper steps needed to go green and make the environment better.