Gerald Albright...Saxophone Brilliance

Listening to the saxophone brilliance of the talented Gerald Albright evokes multifaceted feelings that are soothing, uplifting, and romantic…something for everyone.

Janice Mathis, Esquire (Attorney at Law)

When I stepped off the elevator and rounded the corner at 250 Auburn Avenue, the woman behind the desk was on the phone and motioned for me to have a seat.

John Baker The Washingtons of Wessyngton Plantation

John Baker Jr., born in Springfield, Tennessee, is a direct descendant of a slave family from the Wessyngton Plantation in Tennessee.  My introduction to John came when I went to the Tennessee State Library and Archives to do research on my family. 

Jeffrey Osborne

“There’s Nothing Better Than Doing What You LOVE.”

“What A Fan” Conference: A Salute to American Sports Fans

When former sports marketing professional Lowell Moore looked globally for opportunities to expose his “What a Fan” RV, surprisingly there were no conventions specifically dedicated to sports fans. 


The book/journal “The Strength of a Woman: Born to Turn Pain into Power,” re-introduces the W.O.M.A.N. to her power and purpose by repositioning her to discover her authentic self, and explore her potential, while embracing the totality of who she it.

Janet Jackson

    “Who ever said being a boss was easy, obviously wasn’t wearing heels,” says Janet Jackson, CEO of Jackson Events & Entertainment LLC (JEE).

Hair loss from Hyperthyroidism

    Do you have a thyroid disease?  According to the 2013 statistics, 30 million Americans are currently diagnosed and 200 million are affected worldwide. The signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism vary. 

HOUSTON'S "Powerhouse of Comedy" Deva Mack

Houston’s “Powerhouse of Comedy” Deva Mack  started as a stand-up comedian eight years ago. Her brand of comedy is all about real talk covering relationships and life in general.


“You can overcome anything that’s thrown at you and still come out on top!”

This book is about a young girl who had a mother she felt didn’t love her because she didn’t know how to love. Her mother engaged in several abusive relationships.

Broderic M. Simpson “Your Gift Will Make Room For You.”

Broderic  has been singing since the age of three.  He began memorizing lyrics before he could speak  well.  His most favorite play time was finding household items such as a brush or anything that could be used as a microphone. 

Sabrina Tutstone,

Accomplished musician, songwriter, seasoned vocalist, and mentor, Columbus, Ohio native, Sabrina Tutstone, has performed before a diversified audience making appearances worldwide.  From September until November of 2013, Tutstone performed in Genting Highlands Malaysia at The Genting Club.

Bronner Bros. International Mid Summer Hair Show Delivered Non Stop Innovation, Education, Industry Trends and Celebrities

Hollywood and hair intersected at the 66th presentation of Bronner Bros. Mid Summer Hair Show. Industry professionals converged on the GA World Congress Center by the tens of thousands, each day from August 17-20, 2013.

Cathy Hughes, CEO, TV ONE and Willie Stewart, CEO, T2TMagazine

Cathy Hughes, CEO, TV ONE and Willie Stewart, CEO, T2TMagazine

Courtnee Futch, 18 Year Old Founder and CEO ThunderCakes, LLC

“I spent so much time denying my love for baking that I had truly convinced myself I wanted to do something else….”

Sometimes the greatest success stories are born out of a moment of desperation.

Lynn Bruce: Rock to a Diamond

My book, Rock to a Diamond introduces you to a woman who finds herself on a road of self-destructive behavior, always accepting the worse, when she knows she deserves the best.


Spending taxpayer money wisely; Investing in employees; Investing back into their customer base, and being good citizens of this region by giving back to some of their neediest customers.