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The Consilium Group, Inc.
The Consilium Group, Inc.


“We share our story of SURVIVAL, so someone else CAN survive!”

"Tha Magician, Tha Truth, Tha Model, Tha ULTIMATE BOSSLADI"

A master stylist and innovative designer with a modelesque presence, Samantha Hall is a Jill of all trades as well as a master of all. Be that as it may, her skill set is even more stunning than her presence. Get to know "Tha Ultimate BossLadi".

BREEZE (THE VOICE) Love is the Answer


Ozara Odé in the Key of Nina

When the first notes exited the mouth of this lady, she had my attention! She is Ozara Odé! Her voice will reach down into your very soul and stir every fiber of your being! She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Are you mad?



Rhythm and Christian Artist
Who is that girl, should we say is the new title and phrase, and what are people saying about this amazing voice from Cicely Mason? 

Sensory Processing Disorder- Could this be your child?

In today’s society, many children are diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). SPD is simply the difficulty and /or inability to process environmental or internal information from the body’s natural senses.

Tension Fitness Trainer—The New Training Phenomenon

Exercising can get boring and redundant—even for a trainer. Working out at home can be un-motivating and sometimes even going to the gym can become too routine.


Chelsi N. Glascoe is a heroine like no other. Born in Prince Georges County, Maryland, she was raised with a strong support system and family, and even stronger morals.  These teachings were a godsend as they prepared her for the world’s trichotomy of good, bad, and ugly.

Wanda Faye The Time of Singing Has Come

Wanda Faye is not your typical singer. In fact, she has a style of her own. Known throughout European countries, such as London, England, Turkey, France, and Italy, Wanda Faye is often referred to as unique with a voice that soothes, calms, and even heals. 

Misty Copeland is first black principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre

American ballerina Misty Copeland, a cultural phenomenon outside the dance world, has been promoted to the highest rank of the American Ballet Theatre, becoming the first African-American female principal dancer in the company’s 75-year history. The American Ballet Theatre announced the news Tuesday in a slew of promotions at one of the country’s top ballet companies.

Introducing: Mz Hunny Lee

Amazing things come in small packages.   And don’t let the smooth taste of this 5’3” curvy figure fool ya. Taking the hip-hop music industry by storm, singer, songwriter and business woman, Mz Hunny Lee is next in line to blow your mind with her mesmerizing blend of lyrical rap. Producing a thought-provoking message in each song, her adverse lyrics, and individuality is bringing change to the game.

Jules Nobles

Jules Nobles is one of the newest young actresses to surface on the Atlanta film scene. A Mississippi native, she got her love of the stage from years of competing in beauty pageants.

RONTRAY In Hott Pursuit

Rontray is a California native raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He was introduced to music at a very young age by singing in his church choir.

Dawn Alexis Fusaro: Dying to be Beautiful pt. 2

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you would do anything to get it? Even if it meant taking chances, maybe even making a mistake or two along the way?

The Robin Latimore Foundation Vision

It is the vision of the Robin Latimore Foundation to see cancer eradicated – a world free of the pain and suffering of this ...disease. Until that happens, we strive to minimize the negative impact cancer has on patients, their families and caregivers.

Rhonda Wilkins

Quote: "Honoring Extraordinary Women Making A Difference" 

The “Art of Cool Festival” …the hot ticket in Durham, NC

It was cold, and yes it was rainy. But the dreary weather did not dampen the excitement of thousands of jazz, soul and R & B fans who came out for the 2nd annual Art of Cool Music Festival (AOC) in the city of Durham, North Carolina, April 24-25.

Pam Chatman “The Oprah of the South”

Often called “The Oprah of the South,” Pam Chatman is a larger than life personality in her job. She is a woman who has kicked down doors and broken glass ceilings to do what she loves, and that is empowering women.