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Cathy Hughes –Celebrating 35 Years… and counting

Who would have thought a small transistor radio would play such an integral role in shaping the success and career of media giant—Cathy Hughes.


No, you are not seeing double—but you are seeing Damian and Jermaine Johnson, founders of No Grease! Inc., and twins who have managed to multiply their success in both the barber and business arena. Since 1997, respectfully known as “The Twins,” these brothers and entrepreneurs have surely made a name for themselves in Charlotte.


As Trendsetters to Trendsetters magazine looks to resurge its’ presence in the Queen City, it is only fitting that we spotlight Olympia D, Charlotte’s midday, radio diva. Heard on old school 105.3 daily, this radio personality carries thousands of faithful listeners.

Herb and Felicia Gray—Mixing Love and Money

Recipe for Success

Ryan Javon Davis

A living testament of turning tragedy into triumph is the story of this soldier, fitness guru, and motivational speaker. Ryan Javon Davis’s (Javon) life story breeds resilience, selflessness, relentlessness and perseverance!

The Meals that Kill

It is inevitable that everyone will die one day. Human beings are mortal. Everyone is subject to death.

Carmen Stewart

Carmen Stewart has been certified by the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

Changing the mindset from rich—to wealth!

Brentley Enterprises,
LLC --Jeremy Burris and Brian Gray Its not often you find two 20-year old young men that truly understand economics in the way that Jeremy Burris and Brian Gray do.

Colby Christina: A Rising Star

“Congratulations” have been resonating around the world for the 14-year old Queens, New York resident, and Brooklyn Restoration Corporation Youth Arts Academy student, COLBY CHRISTINA.

Joshua’s music is his calling and gift from God

Joshua’s start in music was the result of many factors, including how he was raised. His dad was not in his life at all, and his mom did all she could to give him the best possible life, including sending him to the best schools.


Reflecting on new employee orientation during my first day at Kraft Foods - I was in my early twenties, young and naïve, but had managed to land a great job in corporate America.

Courtney Gilchrist

Courtney Gilchrist, also known in the hair industry as Gifted Hands, is a 27-year-old Columbus, Ohio native. With a love for hair since the age of 10, Courtney has been in the beauty industry for 6 years and has recently relocated to Atlanta, Georgia.

Who is K.Micole?

K.Micole is a celebrity stylist, motivational speaker, and philanthropist. She has worked with BET, Essence Magazine, America's Next Top Model, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives, Atlanta Ballet and Disney, to name a few.

Soulful Sound of R&B SENSATION "JT"

When you think of soulful R&B, you think of JT. A native of Columbus Ohio, he is incredibly equipped with raw talent, and he is able to display an amazing ability to intrigue audiences of all cultures. His strong and smooth tenor voice brings about the soulful sound of R&B, as it makes knees tremble with desire.


Jetsonz Music Media, a prosperous music and art media production company founded in 2012, is pleased to announce their flagship artist, K3 (Benjamin Tillman).