With over 16 years of teaching experience in the fitness industry, She has been teaching Pilates Principles at a leading health club in Chicago.


“You can overcome anything that’s thrown at you and still come out on top!”

This book is about a young girl who had a mother she felt didn’t love her because she didn’t know how to love. Her mother engaged in several abusive relationships.

Whaii Publications and Author Andrea Yvette’s Lounge Time Stories

Andrea Yvette is a self published Author who decided to make good use of a talent she has allowed to lay dormant for years. After being forced to quit her job due to her 10 year old son’s Chronic Asthma, Andrea was determined to find a way to make a living and be there for her son without the fear of losing her job hanging over her.


Yes, you do have the right to heal you.  Health is not by chance; taking responsibility for your health is a choice. Health begins in your colon. 

Be A Self-Motivator "When a man's willing and eager, God joins in" By Angela M. Thomas

Focus and commitment is the key to succeeding, regardless of what choices you make in life.

Top 10 Sports Blogs

Sports blogs over the pass few years have become very popular.

Ladies Guide to Understanding Football

“Here It Is Ladies”

Hey ladies ever sit down and watch football not knowing any of the terminology? 

Tiger Woods Comeback

As many of you know Tiger Woods is back in the game and he’s taking the number one spot.

Sports Go Green!!!

One color all sports teams can agree upon is Green. Different leagues are putting in place the proper steps needed to go green and make the environment better.

Annette Jones-Ward Author, Motivational Speaker, & Success Coach

Annette Jones-Ward, M.A. is a Counselor, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Success Coach and Author today. Mrs. Jones-Ward, though successful today had very humble beginnings.  

A Delightful Duo

Dara Benedit says that she and her husband, Willie, began dating while in junior high school. “We have been together for over 32 years and married for 25.”

A Toast to Love

“Balancing love and business has been quite interesting to say the least, especially when there are also two very active little boys thrown into the mix,” says Renee Rowe, President of The Wine Cellars in Smyrna, Georgia.

Trent Shelton From the Heart

Spiritually graced with a humble and earnest delivery, he is a paradox for sure. Visually, he is young and handsome with a luminous smile, wearing dreads and tattoos.


“In 1963 when I became the Chair of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), I had no idea that we would have such an impact. I was only trying to do my part and just help out. Growing up in rural Alabama during the 40’s and 50’s, I saw segregation and racial discrimination – I tasted the bitter fruit of racism and didn’t like it.”

Al B. Sure (Then and Now)

Nite and day…Ahhh…Al B. Sure!  Life could have been very different coming from extremely humble beginnings in his hometown of Mt. Vernon, New York. 

Antonio and Tia Allen

Antonio Allen is an anointed gospel jazz saxophonist from Atlanta, Georgia.  He has been married to Tanisha (Tia) for almost fourteen years.  She is also his assistant/manager.  Let’s see how this mix works for them!

The Antidote to R&B … Xavier Lewis

Xavier Lewis was born in Queens, New York and then raised in Miami, Florida.  He later moved to Atlanta, Georgia with a definite interest in music.  As a child growing up in church, he was a little preacher! 

Gerald Albright...Saxophone Brilliance

Listening to the saxophone brilliance of the talented Gerald Albright evokes multifaceted feelings that are soothing, uplifting, and romantic…something for everyone.

Morgan Steward … Honorary Police Officer

My little five-year-old friend, Morgan Steward, has a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 2. 

Hank Stewart and 5 Men on a Stool

Hank Stewart is an inspirational speaker, spoken word artist and the founding member of 5 Men on a Stool.