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The “Art of Cool Festival” …the hot ticket in Durham, NC

It was cold, and yes it was rainy. But the dreary weather did not dampen the excitement of thousands of jazz, soul and R & B fans who came out for the 2nd annual Art of Cool Music Festival (AOC) in the city of Durham, North Carolina, April 24-25.

LaJaye Britt

With the shifting that seems to have taken place in the Gospel (Inspirational) Industry, there couldn't have been a better time for the world to be introduced to LaJaye Britt.

"Tha Magician, Tha Truth, Tha Model, Tha ULTIMATE BOSSLADI"

A master stylist and innovative designer with a modelesque presence, Samantha Hall is a Jill of all trades as well as a master of all. Be that as it may, her skill set is even more stunning than her presence. Get to know "Tha Ultimate BossLadi".

Tisa Key’s Stage Play, “To Die Alone: The Suicide Chronicles” Brought Down the House All Three Days!!!

This awesome stage play, “To Die Alone: The Suicide Chronicles” by Tisa Key debuted in Atlanta, GA on Friday, May 29th at 7 pm and ran until Sunday, May 31st.

Ozara Odé in the Key of Nina

When the first notes exited the mouth of this lady, she had my attention! She is Ozara Odé! Her voice will reach down into your very soul and stir every fiber of your being! She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

All Boys School in Ohio Has a 0% Dropout Rate and Here is the Reason Why

Ted Ginn used to coach football at Glenville High School in Ohio. He was also a security guard there. He watched the students struggle every single day because of the rising pressure to do well on tests and state-required exams.

Tension Fitness Trainer—The New Training Phenomenon

Exercising can get boring and redundant—even for a trainer. Working out at home can be un-motivating and sometimes even going to the gym can become too routine.

My Life Changing Experience ‘At The Bridge’ Selma – 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday

It’s one thing to read about the Civil Rights Movement in textbooks; it’s another to relive moments of history and experience firsthand, the Movement that meant so much in our past and means so much to our future. At first, I didn’t understand the magnitude of this rare opportunity to travel to Selma, Alabama for the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday with Congressman John Lewis. Now, I do. And, now I know what my responsibility is, and how I will make a difference in this world we live in.

Wanda Faye The Time of Singing Has Come

Wanda Faye is not your typical singer. In fact, she has a style of her own. Known throughout European countries, such as London, England, Turkey, France, and Italy, Wanda Faye is often referred to as unique with a voice that soothes, calms, and even heals. 

Amealia Miller Doing great things with a big heart

Last year, the President signed the third reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) – the backbone of our nation’s response to violence against women, authored and pioneered by Vice President Joe Biden – which commits unprecedented resources to breaking the cycle of sexual violence, among other measures, of VAWA 2013.

Jules Nobles

Jules Nobles is one of the newest young actresses to surface on the Atlanta film scene. A Mississippi native, she got her love of the stage from years of competing in beauty pageants.

The Grown and Sexy Attended the Reunion Memphis “Old School Prom!”

It was a night to remember on May 16, 2015 at Esplanade in Cordova, TN when the grown and sexy attended the old school prom brought to you by V-101, Dr. & Mrs. Derrick Payne, The Winedown Crew, Son “The Hair Doctor”; Social Couture Events, Heritage Entertainment, In Touch Auto Sales, Levon’s World of Photography, Braidnfingerz, Sassy Stylz by Mo, A.T.’s Printing, Bobby Home Improvements, Platinum Collection, Picture Memphis, Men of Memphis United, Building Block Mentoring, Men’s Wearhouse (Collierville), and Juliet Pocket Squares!

Dawn Alexis Fusaro: Dying to be Beautiful pt. 2

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you would do anything to get it? Even if it meant taking chances, maybe even making a mistake or two along the way?



Pam Chatman “The Oprah of the South”

Often called “The Oprah of the South,” Pam Chatman is a larger than life personality in her job. She is a woman who has kicked down doors and broken glass ceilings to do what she loves, and that is empowering women.

“GET your shoes READY”

Meet Tanja - a multi-talented and creative author, singer, dance teacher, dancer, choreographer, and motivational speaker. Working with children and the youth inspired Tanja to obtain a degree in Education and continue to study dance.

TRINETTA LOVE Recording Artist & Actress

More Than a Pretty Face…
Trinetta Love was born and raised in the Big Apple - New York City (NYC) Manhattan.


Erin is a rising singer and actress who has performed and been involved in numerous showcases, events, and projects all around the nation. Most recently, she performed at Georgia’s 5th annual Legendary Awards.

Sean Hunter

“Aint That Right”
Straight outta Bronx, New York, Sean Hunter, of both Jamaican and American descent, is on the fast track to set the world of Hip Hop on fire once again.

Dawn Alexis Fusaro: Dying to be Beautiful

Dawn Alexis Fusaro was born on June 2, 1984 in Sacramento, California.  Her mother is African American, Cherokee Indian, and Irish; and, her father is Italian and Scottish. Dawn grew up in Nevada City, California until the age of 10, when she and her three siblings moved to Sacramento, California, where she has lived ever since.